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Monday, February 26, 2018

Marvel Mondays: Iron Man 2 and Thor

Hello again and welcome to the newest installment of Marvel Mondays! So before we embark on another trip to the MCU, there is one major announcement I'd like to make. Starting today, instead of discussing one movie per post, I'll be discussing two movies per post (with two exceptions.) The reasoning behind this is, without thinking, I started this blog in mid February as a lead up to Avengers: Infinity War, a movie that releases in early May. If I was to do one movie per week, as I have been, the discussion on Infinity War wouldn't be taking place until mid June...over a month after the release. So, to alleviate the problem, I decided to combine films, and wanted to give you all, the readers, a glimpse of what the future schedule of "Marvel Mondays" is going to be like. Now, I know these aren't in release order, or really the correct viewing order, however; they're as close as I could get to the actual chronological order of events going on. So here ya go:

February 26th- Iron Man 2 and Thor
March 5th- Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers
March 12th- Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier
March 19th- Thor: The Dark World and Ant Man
March 26th- Guardians of the Galaxy: Volumes 1 and 2
April 2nd- Avengers: Age of Ultron (exception 1; I'll explain why in the post)
April 9th- Dr. Strange and Thor: Ragnarok
April 16th- Captain America: Civil War (exception2; I'll also explain why in the post)
April 23rd- Spider Man: Homecoming and Black Panther
April 30th- Infinity War Preview, Predictions, and MCU Review
May 7th- Avengers: Infinity War

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Now that that's taken care of, let's get into the actual movie. Thank you for understanding, reading, and loving Marvel enough to read my opinions on it!

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Following the instant success of Iron Man, everyone knew there had to be a sequel...and there's also Robert Downey Jr's contract that originally consisted of 3 Iron Man films and 2 Avengers films (which he has re-negotiated multiple times). Released on May 7th 2010 (marking the beginning of big MCU films releasing in May), Iron Man 2 is arguably the most moving film in the series. It follows Tony Stark after his stunning announcement to the world that he was indeed Iron Man, and shows the highs that brings and also the lows that follows. It would be Jon Favreau's last time directing a MCU movie, but thankfully not his last presence in the MCU. However, Iron Man 2 is probably most noted for introducing new characters, and new actors to play old characters. The biggest casting change in the MCU came in the form of switching Terrence Howard for critically acclaimed actor Don Cheadle as James Rhoades/War Machine. Unlike Howard, Cheadle fit the role perfectly and was ultimately good enough to secure the role as War Machine even today! Iron Man 2 brought in 3 more very prominent actors in Hollywood: Mickey Rourke would play Whiplash, the main villain; Sam Rockwell would play Justin Hammer, the guy who tells Whiplash what to do; and Scarlett Johansson would be Black Widow, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D sent by Nick Fury to make sure Stark was behaving properly. While Hammer and Whiplash wouldn't survive the film, Black Widow would and go on to become a pretty important part of the Avengers. The film itself had a massive box office of over $600 million and also became the first film in the MCU to win an Academy Award (Best Visual Effects).

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The pre production of Iron Man 2 is actually pretty scary to think about. Like I said, immediately following the success of Iron Man, Marvel announced there would be a sequel set to release April 30th, 2010. However, they didn't even have a director...or a writer...and the only cast they had for sure was Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. After months of negotiations, Favreau decided to come back and direct the sequel, with Justin Theroux writing the script. This is where things get interesting. Terrence Howard's original contract was for 3 films; however, there were rumblings that Favreau didn't like Howard's work and cut most of his scenes in the original Iron Man. After Iron Man released, Marvel approached Howard inquiring about re-negotiating to reduce his pay (he was the highest paid actor in the original Iron Man). When Howard declined, Kevin Feige, Marvel CEO, decided it was time for change and approached Don Cheadle in regards to playing War Machine. Cheadle admitted that he didn't really have much knowledge on the character (he thought Iron Man was a robot), but he signed on for the film anyway. Samuel L Jackson almost didn't return as Nick Fury to the MCU either. While trying to come to terms on a contract, Jackson had told reporters that he may not return as Nick Fury; however, the two sides were able to come to the agreement of a 9 film contract that Jackson is still under today. Rockwell and Rourke were easy to persuade to join the film as Rockwell originally auditioned to be Tony Stark in Iron Man; Rourke joined the film to work with Favreau and Downey Jr. and even paid for part of his character design!

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Being the 3rd film in the MCU, it's pretty easy to incorporate Easter Eggs into this film from the other films, both past and present. In the original Iron Man, we get a glimmer of what we think is Captain America's shield; however, in Iron Man 2, we see the whole thing as Tony uses it to balance something he is building...then discards it. Also, during the scene in Monaco, the man who hands Whiplash his ticket, does he look familiar? In Iron Man 3, we see this gentlemen is actually part of the Mandarin terrorist group that Tony has to disband. We learn a lot about Nick Fury in this film also, being that it's his first actual film. In a scene with Tony, Fury tells him that he fought alongside Captain America in World War II, but more importantly, he tells Stark that his father, Howard Stark, was a founding father of S.H.I.E.L.D, which could play a big role in Tony finally joining. At the end of the film, Tony and Fury are at a S.H.I.E.L.D safe-house discussing Stark's future with the organization, in the background is a news report coming live from Culver University...sound familiar? It's the same report seen in The Incredible Hulk that was filmed by the two college kids recalling Hulk's encounter with Ross and Blonsky. It's safe to say that immediately following this scene is when Tony visits Ross in the bar. At the Expo, when the suits are surrounding everyone, there is a little boy in an Iron Man mask that confronts one of the suits, Iron Man comes in and saves the child, but it just so happens that child was none other than Peter Parker. The last, and arguably most fun, easter egg is found at the safe-house again. While discussing with Fury, in the background is a map of Africa and there's a big red pinpoint on the nation of Wakanda, the home of Vibranium and the Black Panther.

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So how does Iron Man 2 flow with the MCU? Well, there's the easter eggs that strangely feature more future films than past films, but there's also the incredible post credit scene. Throughout the film we can hear Agent Coulson and the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents discussing New Mexico and situations there, to the point that Coulson has to leave Stark to deal with them. We don't find out what the situation in New Mexico is until the post credit scene where we see Coulson arrive and call Nick Fury telling him that "it's here". When the camera pans out, we see a huge work zone with what looks to some kind of engraving in the dirt and at the center of the engraving is Thor's Mjolinir. Now, knowing what we know about Thor and The Incredible Hulk, it's safe to assume that Thor, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 2 are all going on at the same time.

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*typically this is where I would talk about where Iron Man 2 ranks in my MCU rankings but I'm going to rank Iron Man 2 and Thor at the end of the Thor portion*

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Released May 6th, 2011, we finally got to see the God of Thunder on the big screen. Thor takes place during the events of Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk but takes on place in a completely different world. Asgard, Thor's home, is the primary location of the film; however, a good portion does take place in New Mexico. The film tells the story of the prince of Asgard, Thor, and his banishment to Earth after he reignites a dormant war; while Thor is on Earth, his mischievous brother, Loki, plots to take the throne. Now, similar to the Hulk, a film about Thor had been thought of long before it was actually released. Sam Raimi (director of the original Spider Man series) had wanted to make a Thor film in the mid 90's and had even met with Stan Lee regarding how they were going to make it. However, after 20th Century Fox didn't support the idea, Raimi abandoned the project in 1997 and it began it's movement from studio to studio until 2006 when Paramount Pcitures acquired the rights to Thor from Sony and hired Mark Protosevich to write the film. At this point you would think it's smooth sailing, but no no no, not here. Matthew Vaughn was originally signed to direct the film, but after some major budget cuts and disagreements, Vaughn was let go. Guillermo del Toro then began talking to Marvel to direct the film, but declined to direct The Hobbit instead. Kenneth Branagh was then contacted and was hired shortly after. After Daniel Craig turned down the role, Branagh and Feige had 2 names in mind to play the God of Thunder: Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth, his brother. Ultimately, Chris was chosen and shortly after Tom Hiddleston was announced to play Loki, the villain. Other than that, the rest of the cast was relatively easy to fill. Stars like Jaime Alexander, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard, Colm Feore, Anthony Hopkins, Kat Dennings, and Rene Russo all joined after just one meeting. Idris Elba was the last to be cast and he would plat Heimdall, the chief guard of Asgard. Clark Gregg agreed to reprise his role as Agent Phil Coulson.

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There aren't as many easter eggs in Thor as there are in other MCU films, but the ones in Thor do carry quite a bit of importance. Let's start with the introduction of another new Avenger, Hawkeye. This technically isn't classified as an easter egg, but should be noted due to this being Jeremy Renner's cinematic debut in the MCU and how important Hawkeye is to the MCU. At one point in the film, we see Thor dress like a regular guy and put one of those "Hello, my name is..." name tags on. Instead of putting on Thor though, he puts "Dr. Donald Blake" this is a callback to Thor's alter ego in the comic books. The final easter egg is by far the biggest; as the Frost Giants attack Odin's Vault, you can clearly see a gold gauntlet filled with different stones. This gauntlet is the first glance we get at the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos possess currently; however the stones are just replicas of the Infinity Stones. But this is super important because it begins the search for all the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet that is still taking place today, over 13 films later.

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The post credit scene in Thor is a real mind bender. So at the end of the film, Loki voluntarily lets go of his staff and admits defeat resulting in him falling in a black hole. But we know Loki is extraordinarily cunning and mischievous, so there's no way he could've died. During the post credit scene, Dr Selvig is brought to a S.H.I.E.L.D safehouse with Nick Fury, where Fury is discussing the newly found Tesseract with him. In a glass mirror, Loki appears and tells Selvig what to say, ultimately setting up Loki's return in The Avengers and his control over Selvig in the movie. This gives us a hint as to how powerful and deceptive Loki is. It's also shows that Tesseract isn't just something people on Earth care about...

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This is the part where I talk about where I rank Thor, but since I saved the Iron Man 2 ranking for here, I'll rank them both and discuss a little why I have them where I have them. So for Iron Man 2, I have it ranked number 9 on my MCU list because I really love Don Cheadle as Rhoades, as well as Black Widow and Nick Fury. But the real reason I have it at number 9 is because it makes Iron Man look like just a regular guy who does have problems like everyone else. Stark battles heavy alcohol use and it is shown pretty vividly throughout the film, but it's not too vividly to make us hate Stark, just enough to make us sympathize for him. Thankfully, it shows how Stark overcomes this problem and has a pretty awesome scene with Iron Man and War Machine teaming up to take down other suits.

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Thor is also another one of my favorites, as it comes in on my list at number 10. I love origin stories, and how they tell us of where Earth's Mightiest Heroes came from, and Thor does a great job of explaining just how the God of Thunder earned that title. I also think Thor has two of the best cast characters in the entire MCU in Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston). The real reason this is in the top 10 though is because of how amazing Hiddleston is as Loki. Easily the best MCU villain, and you want to love him so bad but then remember how evil he is. You also sympathize with Loki the most of any villain, in my opinion because he just wants to be like his brother and Odin just doesn't love him the same, it's honestly heartbreaking to see how cold of a shoulder Loki always gets. Overall, Loki's performance was easily the best of Thor, and competes with Downey Jr for the best performance of the entire MCU; thankfully, this wasn't the last time we would see the God of Mischief.

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Kevin Scott is a contributing writer for The Mouse Knows Best Podcast. He is self proclaimed Disney addict and oftentimes annoys his family with how much he talks Disney. He enjoys walking around all Disney Parks and taking as many pictures as he can in one day. When he isn't at Walt Disney World, he is working to get back or re-watching Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movie. His spirit animal is a mix between Simba and Kylo Ren with a dash of Tony Stark. You can find him on Twitter @doubleoh_kevin and on Instagram @waltdisneyduo.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Showcasing the World: Morocco

Morocco Pavilion
The Morocco Pavilion is designed to look like a Moroccan city and is the only country in which the government aided in the design of the pavilion.  The King of Morocco sent artists to the park to design the structures and the replications of the statues.  At the entrance of the pavilion is a detailed replication of the Katoubia Minaret, a prayer tower that stands in Marrakesh.  Since the buildings of the pavilion hold religious significance, the lights of the Morocco Pavilion remain dark during the nightly performance of Illuminations.  It is also the only pavilion to be sponsored by the country's government instead of a corporation.

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse


The Gallery of Arts and History is a display of the science, music, and technology of Morocco.  The exhibit Moroccan Style: The Art of Personal Adornment currently features tradition Moroccan textiles, jewelry, and body art.

Image result for morocco pavilion epcot aladdin and jasmine
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Moroccan Princess Jasmine and Diamond in the Rough Aladdin meet and greet guests on occasion at the pavilion.

Image result for epcot Restaurant Marrakesh
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Restaurant Marrakesh serves Moroccan and Arabian dishes for both lunch and dinner.  Some of the dishes are seafood or chicken pastilla, harira, and semolina pasta.  Inside the restaurant, there is extensive tile work as well as brass chandeliers, thuja-inlaid paneling, and bukhara carpets that King Hassan II sent artists to create.  During dinner hours, the restaurant features folk music and belly dancing.

Image result for epcot spice Road Table
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For a Mediterranean inspired meal, head over to Spice Road Table on the edge of the World Showcase Lagoon.  Specialty items include garlic shrimp, fried calamari, beef or chicken skewers, and rack of lamb.

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There are several places in the Morocco Pavilion where you can purchase authentic merchandise.  The Tangier Trades sells clothing and shoes that are tradition for Morocco.  The Brass Baazar sells silver plates, brass, mirrors, and mosaic fountains.  At Casablanca Carpets, guests can browse handmade Berber carets, prayer rugs, wall hangings, and floor cushions to brighten up their home.

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Robyn Fleenor is a contributing writer for The Mouse Knows Best Podcast. She is an avid Disney fanatic and would rather be at Walt Disney World eating glazed almonds than anything else.  When she isn't working to pay for her next Disney vacation, she likes to binge watch TV shows and fall in love with fictional characters. She can be found tweeting at @rahrah6263. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday Movie Review: Mulan

Hello again and welcome to the newest installment of Tuesday Movie Review, the blog where I review and talk about some of our favorite Disney movies! It's crazy to think how far we've come already since the first edition of Tuesday Movie Review! I'd like to take a minute and thank all of you for continuing to give these a read, I'm hoping you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them! Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with it! This week, I'm gonna be talking about one of my favorite Disney movies, and what I think is one of the more underrated Disney movies: Mulan! As always on this blog, I'll be talking about the storyline, soundtrack/score, acting, and the movie's presence in the Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts! So let's get on with it!!

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Mulan is Disney's 36th animated feature film and it tells the story of a girl that, secretly and illegally, takes her father's place in the military and ends up saving her country from destruction. The movie was released June 19th, 1998 and was the first Disney feature film that was based on a character of Asian descent, making it somewhat of an open door for princess movies based on characters that weren't Americans. Mulan was also the first of the three animated feature films primarily produced at the Disney Animation Studio in Disney's-MGM Studios (now Disney's Hollywood Studios.) The film, which was directed by Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft, doesn't feature a particularly star studded cast; however, the cast was good enough that the film logged a box office of over $300 million during it's theatrical run. Mulan was so loved by fans, that recently Disney announced they would be giving it a live action remake in 2019 similar to the likes of Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast. 
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As I stated earlier, Mulan didn't have a well-known cast like other films released in the Disney Renaissance, but it did feature one very well known name: Eddie Murphy. Disney knew that they would be casting the voice of a dragon and with the recent success of Robin Williams as the Genie in Aladdin, Cook and Bancroft wanted to bring in another Hollywood star. However, when they approached Eddie Murphy, he wasn't too keen on the idea of recording at MGM Studios, so he asked if he could record his parts in his basement in New Jersey; after a couple of weeks of negotiating, Murphy caved and recorded at the Animation Studios. The voice of Mulan was originally going to be another voice from Aladdin; Lea Salonga (Jasmine's singing voice) was Cook and Bancroft's first pick, but when they realized Salonga couldn't hit the deep voice like they wanted, they contacted Ming-Na-Wen (aka: Melinda May in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) While Wen did the voice over for Mulan, Salonga did return to do her singing voice throughout the movie. For the role of Captain Li Shang, Cook and Bancroft really had their eyes on one person and that was B.D Wong. While Wong did the voice over, he really couldn't sing the way the director's envisioned, so they brought Donny Osmond to do the singing for Captain Shang. 

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The process it was to get someone to do the music for the movie is easily one of the most dramatic I've ever heard. Stephen Schwartz was slated to do the score and soundtrack for the movie following the 1994 visit to China; however, Schwartz was approached by Dreamworks to do the music for the upcoming film, The Prince of Egypt. When Schwartz agreed, Disney CEO Michael Eisner called him to urge him to turn down Dreamworks' offer, but Schwartz said no and lost his spot on the Mulan film. Following the fiasco, Annie Rice and David Zippel were chosen to write the lyrics and compose the music for the film; while Jerry Goldsmith was chosen to compose the score and come up with the soundtrack for the movie. What the soundtrack is best known for is launching the career of Christina Aguilera, who's first song released in the United States was "Reflections." Mulan received an Academy Award nomination for Best Music, Original Music or Comedy Score; along with receiving the Golden Globe nominations for Best Original Score and Best Original Song for "Reflections." The film also received a Grammy nomination for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television for "True To Your Heart" (which Stevie Wonder came on to do for the soundtrack.) 

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As great of a film that Mulan was, there is little to no representation of her in the Walt Disney World Parks. While many people think she inspired the China Pavilion at Epcot's World Showcase, the Pavilion was actually there before the movie even began developing. Now, the China Pavilion is the only place you can meet Mulan at Walt Disney World, but the Pavilion isn't about her. Over at Disneyland, they celebrate the Chinese New Year with a fun looking festival that features Mulan and Mushu; unfortunately, Walt Disney World doesn't. In the past, Mulan can also be found at the Princess Storybook Dinner at Akershus Dining Hall in Epcot, if you're lucky you may catch her on select nights there! With all of the talk about intellectual properties taking over World Showcase Pavilions, I think they should definitely give Mulan some due space in the China Pavilion, along with a Mushu meet and greet! Eventually, I think we'll see a Mulan dark ride and we could even get that illustrious Mushu meet as well!

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Mulan is such a good movie and is often times overlooked since the time when it came out Disney put so many instant classics. However, Mulan teaches people a very important lesson: it doesn't matter who you are, you can make a difference, you can be the change, and you can break down the stereotypes, you just have to believe in yourself...and have a trusty dragon to help you! All in all, I do love Mulan, I think it's easily one of Disney's top 15 films made, and oftentimes it crawls into my top 10! I think Mushu is really one of the best Disney sidekicks there is and he provides the perfect comedic relief for the movie. Overall, I give this movie a 4 of 5 stars because well, it's just not as good as the other Disney movies, especially during the Disney Renaissance. 

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Kevin Scott is a contributing writer for The Mouse Knows Best Podcast. He is self proclaimed Disney addict and oftentimes annoys his family with how much he talks Disney. He enjoys walking around all Disney Parks and taking as many pictures as he can in one day. When he isn't at Walt Disney World, he is working to get back or re-watching Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movie. His spirit animal is a mix between Simba and Kylo Ren with a dash of Tony Stark. You can find him on Twitter @doubleoh_kevin and on Instagram @waltdisneyduo.

Marvel Mondays-The Incredible Hulk

Hello and welcome back to "Marvel Mondays!" As I said last week, this series will be dedicated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all of the films inside of it. I'll be looking at how each film intertwines with each other leading up to the culmination of the MCU as we know it in Avengers: Infinity War. Last week, I talked about the first MCU movie, Iron Man; and just like the movies, if you haven't read that, I'd highly suggest you stop now and take a look at that. However, this week I'm going to be talking about the next movie in the order of the MCU, The Incredible Hulk. As always, I'll include my movie current MCU rankings, which will be different than last week considering Black Panther came out and I was able to see it.

Image result for marvel logo

Iron-Man (6)
The Incredible Hulk (17)
Iron-Man 2 (9)
Thor (10)
Captain America: The First Avenger (16)
The Avengers (2)
Iron-Man 3 (8)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (15)
Thor: The Dark World (11)
Guardians of the Galaxy (13)
The Avengers: Age of Ultron (5)
Ant-Man (14)
Captain America: Civil War (1)
Doctor Strange (18)
Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 (12)
Spider-Man: Homecoming (3)
Thor: Ragnarok (7)
Black Panther (4)
The Avengers: Infinity War

So let's get angry and talk about the big green guy!

Image result for the incredible hulk

Now, we aren't going to be talking about the 2003 Hulk film staring Eric Bana, this is going to be the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk staring Sir Edward Norton. Of all the films in the MCU, the history behind this one is easily the most confusing. Everyone knows who the Hulk is, and because of that, there have been television shows, more comics, and other forms of media about the green guy. However, for the longest time there was no actual movie about him; until 2003 when Marvel and Universal Pictures gave us the Hulk, which flopped drastically. Marvel and Universal then hired Louis Leterrier to direct a new Hulk film that would star Sir Edward Norton. Leterrier actually wanted to direct Iron Man but Jon Favreau was already in charge of that film, so Marvel offered Leterrier the Hulk. The original intent for The Incredible Hulk was to be a sequel to the Hulk film from 2003 that would be more of a love story between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross. However in 2006, Kevin Feige got wind of the plans to make a sequel and quickly shut those ideas down. He said he wanted a new Hulk movie that would fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is something the 2003 film did not do. 

Image result for the incredible hulk 2008 cast

Because this wasn't the first film in the MCU, it was a lot easier to incorporate Easter Eggs into the movie. While Iron Man couldn't have that many nods to other Marvel films, The Incredible Hulk had quite a few nods. At the very beginning of the movie, there's a flashback to the popular Hulk television series; in the flashback, Nick Fury's name appears, as well as blueprints for technology made by Tony Stark. When Sergeant Ross is talking to Blonsky about the super soldier program, a portrait of Captain America is seen in the background. Speaking of the super soldier program, all of that is a big giant nod to Captain America, being as he was the original super soldier; you can see this as evidence because the color of the super soldier serum is the same color of the serum Captain America took in Captain America: The First Avenger. While Bruce Banner is on the computer, the S.H.I.E.L.D logo appears. This is the second time in a Marvel Studios film that the logo appeared, the first being in the post credit scene of Iron Man. While Banner is searching on the computer, one of the articles that come up talks about animal webbing appearing on humans, this is an obvious nod to our friendly neighborhood hero: Spiderman. Another Spiderman reference occurs when Hulk is fighting Abomination (the other Hulk looking villain) in the city streets. While the fight is going on, you can see a figure swinging over Abomination's shoulder; many people, including myself, believe this is Spiderman and his cameo in the film since Marvel technically didn't own the rights to webbed hero at the time. The last Easter Egg happens during the storm scene; when Hulk is yelling there is a lot of lightning and you can see an object fall from the sky towards Earth. Personally, I think that was Thor's hammer falling from when it was thrown from Asgard and when Agent Coulson discovers it at the end of Iron Man 2

Image result for hulk mcu
Being as this was the 2nd film in the MCU, Feige and Leterrier had to come up with a way to make it flow with the MCU. The easiest way to do this would be to add a post credit scene similar to the one in Iron Man. The scene would obviously have to play into the film's script and make sense, but at the same time would have to deliver the idea of Hulk being part of the Avengers. The post credit scene takes place after Banner escapes to India, with Sergeant Ross at a bar, and none other than Tony Stark walks in. He reminds Ross about how Tony told him to stop with the supersoldiers and explains that "we" are putting together a team." Ross asks who the we is, in which Tony gives him a look as to say "you know exactly who the we is" and then it cuts. A great post credit scene doesn't have to give too much away, it just has to plant a thought into the viewers head, and this post credit scene is one of the best in my opinion.

Related image

The Incredible Hulk is a great addition to the MCU and vastly underrated in my opinion. While it doesn't carry the celebrity firepower that Iron Man does, the cast is still pretty solid. However, I will say I like Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk more than Sir Edward Norton. Many people wonder why there hasn't been another Incredible Hulk film and there are a multitude of reasons, but the main one is that there really doesn't need to be another one. During the press tour of Thor: Ragnarok, both Kevin Feige and Mark Ruffalo said that the Hulk would be a main focus in Ragnarok, Infinity War, and the Infinity War sequel, and that he would have his own character arc throughout those films. I for one, think Ruffalo as the Hulk is one of the best moves Marvel made. I think Hulk is a vital part of the Avengers, and so is Bruce Banner with his smarts as we see in Avengers and Age of Ultron; and I'm sure both Hulk and Banner will be very important in Avengers: Infinity War. Now, let's talk about where I rank this movie in the MCU...

Image result for hulk mark ruffalo

Even with all of this praise, I have to talk about where I rank the film. Unfortunately, the film itself isn't great. The storyline is good, but that's about all of the good in the movie. Even though it'll never happen, I would love to see Ruffalo get his own movie as the Hulk because I think he was a much better Hulk than Norton. The action scenes are below average for a Marvel movie, and there's really no comedy in the movie, which is something that most other Marvel movies have an abundance of. All that considered, I actually don't have The Incredible Hulk at last like many other people do; for me, it comes in at number 17. 

Related image

Kevin Scott is a contributing writer for The Mouse Knows Best Podcast. He is self proclaimed Disney addict and oftentimes annoys his family with how much he talks Disney. He enjoys walking around all Disney Parks and taking as many pictures as he can in one day. When he isn't at Walt Disney World, he is working to get back or re-watching Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movie. His spirit animal is a mix between Simba and Kylo Ren with a dash of Tony Stark. You can find him on Twitter @doubleoh_kevin and on Instagram @waltdisneyduo.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Showcasing the World: Japan

Image result for epcot japan pavilion
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The Japan Pavilion had been in the plans for World Showcase since the late 1970s.  The building of the pavilion surrounds a serine courtyard with pools and gardens.  At the entrance of the courtyard stands a Japanese Pagoda and a torii gate that decorates the waterfront area of the pavilion.



Although many ideas had been tossed around for the Japan Pavilion (such as a Circle Vision bullet train ride and a Matterhorn Bobsleds-style roller coaster through Japan's Mount Fuji), none of them ever came to fruition.

Disney by Mark


The Matsuriza perform daily at the base of the pagoda.  The group is comprised of traditional Taiko drummers and Japaneses Storytellers.

Image result for epcot Teppan Edo


Teppan Edo is a teppanyaki-style restaurant where foods such as steaks, chicken, shrimps, and vegetables are cooked right at your table.  Sushi rolls and other various Japanese cuisine is available as well.

Image result for epcot Tokyo dining
Tokyo Dining is a contemporary restaurant that blends Japanese food and hospitality as sushi chefs prepare works of culinary art with a backdrop of the World Showcase Lagoon.

All Ears
The Katsura Grill is a quick service location located near the entrance of the pavilion that offers teriyaki, sushi, chicken curry, sake, and plum wine.

WDW News Today
Kabuki Cafe sells one of my favorite World Showcase items - kakigōri.  Kakigōri is Japanese shaved ice that is available in strawberry, melon, cherry, tangerine, or rainbow flavors.   This quick service location also offers sushi and Japanese sodas and beers as well as hot or cold sake.

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The main shopping experience at the Japan Pavilion is the Mitsukoshi Merchandise Store.  This huge store is divided into four zones - Festivity, Silence, Harmony, and Interest.  Items for sale include clothing, jewelry, manga, anime items and toys.  There is also a huge section of the store that is dedicated to Japaneses candy, food, and drinks.

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